Learn to Skate Specialty Classes

Aspire Skating Acadamy

Our Aspire Academy is a packaged program for skaters to take the step from mid level Basic Skills to becoming a more advanced figure skater. This class requires that you have passed Basic 4, prior to joining. This program provides the skater:

  • A positive learning environment to learn advancing, new skills.
  • Education on the next steps in figure skating, to include competing, testing and everything else in between!
  • Information on the local figure skating club,  Bremerton Figure Skating Club
  • Off ice classes to improve balance, strength, and stretching
  • On Ice classes to take their skating skills to the next level and introduction to beginning jumps and spins. 

Cost: $280.00 + Tax

Classes held on Saturdays

Daily Schedule

9:15-9:30am Off Ice Dynamic Warm Up
9:30-9:45am Skates On
9:45-10:15am Open Practice
10:15-10:45am On Ice Edges/Turns/Skating Skills Class
10:45-11:00am Skates Off/Snack
11:00-11:45am Off Ice Dance/Movement Class
11:45am-12:00pm Break/Skates On
12:00-12:30pm On Ice Jumps/spins (12:40-1:00pm (Education Meeting for parents and skaters)

These classes are offered on Saturdays.  Please see our learn to skate page for detailed session information.

Aspire Axel Class

Cost: $200.00 + Tax

Been working on those single jumps and preparing to learn the axel? Then join our axel class.  This class will focus on and off ice drills that will work on the progression of learning the axel jump. To enter this class, you must have passed Free Skate 3 and be able to complete a loop jump and a back spin. These classes are offered on Wednesdays only. See our Learn to Skate page for detailed session information. 

Come work your way toward earning your axel badge and joining the Axel Club!

Aspire Off Ice Jump and Spin Class Cost $100.00 + Tax

Join our Off Ice Jump and Spin Class. This is part of our Aspire program, but anyone can join!  We focus on the off ice skills and development to improve your jumping off ice.  This will include all portions of jumping (preparation, take off, air position and landing).  Time will also be spent on spinning off ice, using off ice spinners, balance, and stretching to improve spin positions.

Aspire Beginning Ice Dance Class Cost $200.00 + Tax

Join in on our newest class, Ice Dance!  This is part of our Aspire Programming.  The Ice Dance 1-6 levels from Learn to Skate USA will be covered, introducing you to ice dance skills and beginning dances. 

Ice Explorers

Cost: $160.00 + Tax

Designed for those skaters ages 2.5-3.5 years of age, who are not quite ready to hit the ice running in Snowplow class. Through off ice activities, games and fun, we help our youngest skaters feel as confident as possible before we step on the ice with them. We focus off ice creating balance and coordination. These classes are offered on Saturdays only.  See the Learn to Skate page for detailed session information.